New Release! Xometry for Onshape

The Xometry app is an exciting new Onshape app that analyzes the geometry of the CAD design then allows the user to select the material, process, and quantity to get real-time pricing and lead times and providing useful design-for-manufacturing (DFM) feedback. This seamless integration of custom manufacturing quotes allows engineers and designers to see the impact of any design choice on their budget and product development timeline. 

With the app, users can:
  • Get instant pricing and lead times for over a dozen manufacturing technologies including CNC machining, eight 3D printing processes, sheet metal fabrication, and laser cutting.
  • Receive immediate visual Design For Manufacturing (DFM) feedback on your parts. Now, you can see directly where changes need to be made to optimize your part. This Visual DFM feedback will help you rapidly identify DFM concerns and update dynamically based on your selected manufacturing process and material.
  • Order custom parts from within their Onshape design environment with a single click

The Xometry® Onshape Instant Quote App enables users to get price, lead time estimates, and design-for-manufacturability feedback. This valuable information allows creators to make better parts and increase speed to market. 

  • Gain instant access to over 4,000 suppliers
  • Use the straightforward workflow to compare manufacturing methods, materials, and other varibles
  • Run DFM Analysis for each manufacturing method