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The Onshape Custom Feature Challenge has ended.
Thank you to all the participants and congratulations to the winners!
Check out the video below for a look at the winning feature:

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About Formlabs

In 2011, three MIT graduate students built the first 3D printer that could achieve industrial, professional part quality at an affordable price.

Through a continuous commitment to innovation, Formlabs has become the largest supplier of professional stereolithography (SLA) and selective laser sintering (SLS) 3D printers in the world.

Have you ever wished your CAD program had a different feature or that a feature worked in a specific way? With Onshape you can make that happen! And the best part: you can then share that custom feature with other users. This allows the Onshape community to build on the platform and make it work for them.

In collaboration with Formlabs — an Onshape customer — we created a virtual challenge that invited students to create a custom feature in Onshape that assists in 3D printing.

This feature could help with an additive manufacturing workflow, creating or analyzing parts, or any other component of 3D printing. The best submission won a Formlabs Form 3+ Complete Package, which includes the Form 3+ 3D Printer, Form Cure, Form Wash, and more! 

Key Challenge Information


(This challenge is closed) Use FeatureScript — Onshape's native programming language — to create an original custom feature or table that assists in 3D printing.

Starter Onshape Document:

Make a copy of this Onshape Document to get started with the challenge.

View this example custom feature for guidance on how to set up your document.


  • Form 3+ Complete Package

  • Onshape Swag

  • Onshape Certification Exam Vouchers

Rules and Guidelines:

  • The entry must be created and produced solely by the individual and/or team members listed on the submission. 

  • Your feature must be made from start to finish during the competition time frame. 

  • All of your programming must be done in the Onshape document you are submitting. 

  • Submissions will be judged and scored based on the criteria in the judging rubric shared below. 

  • All submitted documents must be made public.

  • You must include a PDF write-up of your custom feature. A template is included in the example document linked below.

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